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When looking for the right warehouse provider we are still using manual benchmarking processes which are slow and inadequate. Unnecessary time is spent in waiting to receive quotations from various providers and data integration can seriously impact the outcome. “The average time the forwarding industry took to provide a quote was 90 hours”. Also the agile supply chain is calling for fast, efficient and transparent logistics processes to address and satisfy customers requirements. This is still not in line with our “internal logistics processes”. Currently available internal logistics processes have not met these needs. Marketplace solutions are increasingly giving customers opportunities to get fast solutions both in terms of timing and costs. “Studies suggest that there is a price differential from forwarders of 41% in quotes for the same shipment”. LogistCompare is a Warehouse Marketplace platform aimed to support both Retailers and Warehouse providers. It solves the following problems: Retailers • Compares rates at the touch of a button • Provide full cost breakdown with every quotation • Gives access to “chat” buttons for a seamless communication with warehouse providers. • Provide instant users reviews • Offer an easy and secure booking system Warehouses Providers • Gives the feasibility to rent space out on-line • Increase their visibility in the market • Promote their service • Allow to gain good customers reviews to improve market positioning LogistCompare is coming soon! Contact us now for more information. [email protected] Tel : +44 7956 664569

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